In 1951, the Chief in Clan Council established the Clan Hay Society with the aims:

  • The promotion of a spirit of kin and fellowship between all the various branches of the Clan all over the world, and encouraging friendship and reciprocal hospitality amongst them.
  • The sponsoring of Clan gatherings of all kinds and making grants towards the expenses thereof.
  • The fostering and maintenance of an interest in Scotland, as the land of our origin, and in her history and material prosperity.
  • The collection and preservation of the history and traditions of the Clan and all its branches and of historical works of art, antiquities, and relics connected therewith.
  • The research into, collection and integration of the genealogies of members.
  • The publication of literature and the reproduction of works of art illustrative of the history and traditions of the Clan.


  • Those bearing the names of Hay or MacGaradh
  • Those bearing names derived from the above such as De La Haye, Hayes, McGara etc
  • Those bearing the name of a sept or allied family, such as Errol, Gifford, Leith etc
  • Those claiming descent from families wh lived on Hay lands, whose ancestors thus formed part of the Hay following, such as Beagrie
  • Descent from or marriage to one of the above
  • Associate membership is open to anyone interested in the activities of the Society, if recommended by a branch or the Commissioner.

Please see the Septs section for names associated with the Clan Hay. All memberships are subject to the approval of the Chief.

Application for Membership

The current annual subscription is £15.00 sterling, payable to The Clan Hay Society, upon joining and on 1st January of each year thereafter.  Young people aged under 18 and living in the same household as a member paying a full subscription may become members upon payment of a further £5.00 per annum, but will not receive a copy of the journal.

Please return this form online and send your subscription of £15.00 sterling, via Paypal, to, remembering to use the “Pay someone I trust” tab, which minimises charges to the society.  Alternatively, you may print this form and return to the membership secretary, enclosing payment of £15.00 sterling:

The Lady Ashcombe, Honorary Secretary, The Clan Hay Society, Fairview, Sandy Down, Boldre, Lymington, Hants SO41 8PL, England.

All fields are required apart from additional information.


Data Protection Legislation requires that you are advised that The Clan Hay Society, as Data Controller maintains, updates and holds on paper and in electronic form details of all members, for the purposes of membership records, mailing communication, administration and social activities at the society. Such records will necessarily contain your personal data.


I understand and agree that my personal data detailed above is being collected by the Society for the purposes described in this Membership Form. I am also content that it is passed to other Society officer bearers for the same purposes and that it will not be used for any other purpose nor passed to any third party without my specific written consent unless required by court order or law.

I agree that the Society can hold my personal data in accordance with the Data Protection legislation and that I can revoke this consent by advising you in writing at any time.

I understand that I am responsible for updating the society should any of my personal information change.

I agree that any photograph of myself taken at Society activities or functions can be used and held for Clan Hay promotional purposes and records.

Your details will only be shared with Clan Hay Office bearers and no third parties. If you wish to be removed from the membership or mailing list,  contact

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There is a glitch in our system that occasionally delays receipt of online applications.  If we haven’t replied to you within seven working days of your application, please email the secretary, Lady Ashcombe, on