About the Clan Hay Society

Introduction to the Clan Hay Society

In 1951, the Chief in Clan Council established the Clan Hay Society with the aims:

  • The promotion of a spirit of kin and fellowship between all the various branches of the Clan all over the world, and encouraging friendship and reciprocal hospitality amongst them.
  • The sponsoring of Clan gatherings of all kinds and making grants towards the expenses thereof.
  • The fostering and maintenance of an interest in Scotland, as the land of our origin, and in her history and material prosperity.
  • The collection and preservation of the history and traditions of the Clan and all its branches and of historical works of art, antiquities, and relics connected therewith.
  • The research into, collection and integration of the genealogies of members.
  • The publication of literature and the reproduction of works of art illustrative of the history and traditions of the Clan.


  • Those bearing the names of Hay or MacGaradh
  • Those bearing names derived from the above such as De La Haye, Hayes, McGara etc
  • Those bearing the name of a sept or allied family, such as Errol, Gifford, Leith etc
  • Those claiming descent from families who lived on Hay lands, whose ancestors thus formed part of the Hay following, such as Beagrie
  • Descent from or marriage to one of the above
  • Associate membership is open to anyone interested in the activities of the Society, if recommended by a branch or the Commissioner.

Please see the Septs section for names associated with the Clan Hay. All memberships are subject to the approval of the Chief.