Countdown to Clan Hay America’s Gathering and agm

Arthur Hays has provided further details of the Clan Hay gathering in USA which will take place at the Smoky Mountain Highland Games in Tennessee, with a variety of activities in and around the games between 18th and 20th May 2012.  (See our news archive for March 2012 for Arthur's article on the event.)

The American Branch of Clan Hay plans on this being the biggest gathering of the Clan Hay ever, so all are encouraged to attend.  This applies particularly to those members in the United States, but a cordial invitation is equally extended to Hays from Scotland and from other parts of the world - a rare opportunity to experience this beautiful part of the United States, on the edge of the world famous Smoky Mountain national park, particularly in this year when Clan Hay will be the honoured clan at the Smoky Mountain Games.

A wide variety of events is planned, including a Clan Hay banquet, the Games themselves and, of course, the annual general meeting which will set the society's course for the coming 12 months.  A reservation form is available from Arthur Hays on  We urge all Clan Hay Society members who plan to attend to book these events, including tickets to the Smoky Mountain Games, via Arthur, as Clan Hay will receive a commission of $3.00 on all tickets booked via this route.