Welcome from the Chief

A personal message

From the Rt Hon Merlin Hay

24th Earl of Erroll and Lord High Constable of Scotland.

The Chief with his personal piper

It is now seventy years since the Clan Hay Society was founded to bring together members across the world of this great family to which we are proud to belong. Very early in the society’s life, it was represented at the great Clan Gathering at Murrayfield in Edinburgh in 1951. Nearly sixty years on, also in Edinburgh, an even bigger Clan Gathering took place, indicating that worldwide interest in the Scottish motherland, wherever your family may have settled, has grown rather than declined with the passing years.

Members of the Clan Hay Society come from all five continents, all walks of life and are of all ages, united by the common bond of family and a common interest in where we all come from. This interest takes many forms: some are interested in locating their family roots, others in the highly sociable nature of our gatherings which are, in a very real sense, the gatherings of an extended family. Whatever your interest, the society has a warm welcome for all connected to the name of Hay and the many other names associated with it.

I hope this website will provide you with an insight into the life of the society, both cultural and social, and that it may inspire you to join us.

With every good wish,