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Clan Hay Regalia for Sale

To order please print this page, fill in your order details and send to the address below. Remember to include your contact details.

Tartan Goods   
Reproduction Hay tartan. 56 inches wide, 16 oz, per yard (Suitable for
kilt, skirt or trousers.  Please check the length you require with
your kiltmaker before ordering.)
 £40.00 Clan Hay BJ343
Hunting Hay tartan. 56 inches wide, 16, 13 or 10 oz, per yard (Suitable for kilt, skirt or trousers.  Please check the length you require with your
kiltmaker before ordering.)
£40.00 Hay Hunting Bute BJ382
Josslyn Hay tartan. 56 inches wide, 10 oz, per yard (Please check the length you require before ordering.)£40.00 
Polyester tartan, teflon coated, per metre (Ideal for trews and skirts)£20.00  
Poly cotton tartan, per metre£20.00  
Hay of Yester tweed (The Marquis of Tweeddale's estate tweed), 56 inches wide, 16 oz, per yard£40.00  
Silk items - available in Hay Modern colours only   
Silk tartan 48 inches wide, per metre£45.00  
Bow tie£18.00  
Self tie bow tie£23.00  
Sashes 28 cm x 228 cm


Mini sash




Scarf, fringed end








Ties (Hay Modern colours)£20.00  
Cuff links (silk, per pair)£12.00  
Other items   
Clansman Kilt hose in either Hay Ancient, Hunting or  Modern tartan.£87.00  
Hay tartan serape (wool)£35.00  
Hay Ancient, Hunting or Modern neck ties (wool)£15.00  
Hay table napkins (Paper)        pack of 10£3.50  
Baseball caps with tartan peak£20.00  
Baseball cap (all over tartan)£25.00  
Stole (wool)£40.00  
Card holders£3.00  
Hay tartan notebooks£10.00  
Teddy bears (dressed in Hay tartan)   
Hamish Bear£20.00  
Highlander Bear£28.00  
Bella Bear£22.00  

Clan Hay Kilt Makers - Bespoke kilts. special rates for members of Clan Hay.


The Hays of Slains Castle by Pam Rotheroe-Hay                                          £12.50

The Lords of Yester by Charles Nettlefold                                                         £15.00

Yester Day by Jane MacRae                                                                                      £9.50

For international postage rates please send enquiries to:

Please enquire to for postage charges, which will vary according to the size and weight of your order.

Clan Hay Armorial Panel (below) (unframed)                                              £19.50
created by David Waterton-Anderson of Kinedar

Payment for all goods should be made in pounds sterling by Paypal to, remembering to choose the "Pay someone I trust" tab, which minimises charges to the society.  Alternatively, you may pay by Sterling cheque/money order payable to "Clan Hay Society" and sent to the Treasurer.

Mrs. P. Rotheroe-Hay
Drumgesk Cottage
AB34 5BJ