News from Clan Hay Europe

Clan Hay has a large and active membership on the continent, under the dynamic leadership of Tom Hye, the Chief's personal representative in Europe.  The regular newsletter of the European branch has just been published, detailing a busy spring and summer among Hays from France, Belgium and beyond.

Clan Hay was among the main participants at Ferme d'Hougoumont at Waterloo in Belgium, to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of the first Duke of Wellington on 18th May.  The arrival of Her Excellency Alison Rose, British Ambassador to the kingdom of Belgium, was heralded by Piper Rude Driesen of the Clan Hay Pipe Band - an appropriate tribute to this great Irish soldier from a European Scot, given the decisive role of both Irish and Scots troops in his victory at the Battle of Waterloo.

The Clan Hay Spring Barbecue, now a highlight of the European branch's annual calendar, took place at Yvoir in Belgium on 9th June.

Events to come during the summer include the Fetes Franco Ecossaises in Aubigny sur Nere over the weekend of 13th and 14th July, recalling the centuries-old connection between Aubigny and the Scots, beginning with the lordship of Aubigny granted to the Stewarts of Darnley in the 15th century.

Also at Ferme d'Hougoumont, the annual ceremony of A Homage to the Brave will be held to commemorate all those clansmen who have died in battle on European soil, especially during World War One, featuring the Hays and also representatives from the European branches of Clans Cameron, Ramsay, MacKinnon, Maclean and Montgomerie.

The full newsletter can be read on, the official website of the European branch of Clan Hay.