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Smuggling: the last Clan Hay lecture for 2022

The last in the Clan Hay Society’s 2022 lecture series was given by Alan Hay, the society’s Archivist, on the subject of smuggling in North East Scotland.  This was ‘unfinished business’ from the Clan Hay Gathering in Aberdeenshire in July when this talk was one of the events that time pressures caused to be cancelled, […]

Kingsmeadows: a lecture from Sandra Whitnell

Grateful thanks are due to Sandra Whitnell for her lecture to the Clan Hay Society on Sir John Hay and his spares.  The intriguing title comes from the old adage that a peer or chief should have ‘an heir and a spare.’ just in case some mishap befell the elder son.  In Sir John’s case, […]

Hays at St Machar’s Cathedral ceiling rededication

The magnificent heraldic ceiling of St Machar’s, the medieval cathedral of Aberdeen, has been rededicated following a lengthy restoration project.  The rededication service was attended by a group of Hays, including our Chief, the Earl of Erroll, who was one of several peers and chiefs present, the descendants of those whose Coats of Arms are […]

Celtic Days resumes at Thy le Chateau

As readers will be aware, we have seen a significant rise in interest in Scotland across continental Europe in recent years, and Clan Hay has benefited enormously from the support of enthusiasts for Scotland in Belgium, France and Germany in particular.  Many of the new members we have acquired in recent times have come from […]

In Mourning for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

The death of Queen Elizabeth on 8 September 2022 signalled the end of an era.  Very few of us have any meaningful recollection of a time when she wasn’t on the throne.  Although she reigned over no fewer than 14 sovereign nations, in Scotland she was very much the Queen of Scots, the direct heir […]

Clan Hay Gathering in Scotland, 2022

Back in August, the Clan Hay Society foregathered in the heart of our historic clan heartland to welcome Hays from all over the world.  It was a real pleasure to welcome kinsmen from Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, as well as closer to home in continental Europe and other parts of the United […]

Clan Hay 2023 Lecture series takes shape

The Zoom lecture series which the Clan Hay Society launched during lockdown has proved to be very popular and will continue into 2023. The schedule for the spring season is now fianlised.  It begins on Saturday 3 February 2023 when we will hear from the Very Rev Dr Emsley Nimmo.  Emsley is the Rector of […]