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Plans for Clan Hay Gathering 2022 take shape

Plans for Clan Hay’s next gathering in August 2022 are now taking shape. These plans have been in train for two years, first postponed from 2020 and then again in 2021, due to Covid.  Now, for the first time in two years, we are cautiously confident that this programme will be able to go ahead […]

Next Clan Hay lecture with Professor Gillian Black

The next lecture in the Clan Hay Society’s spring series of Zoom lectures will take place on Saturday 19 March at 7.00 pm UK time.  It will be given by Professor Gillian Black on the subject,  The Significance of Status and Genetics in the Succession to titles and coats of arms: is there a case for […]

Burgess Hay and a very personal Jacobite heritage

The first lecture of 2022 took place on 19 February when we heard from Burgess Hay on the theme of, We were aye Jacobites.  Burgess gave a delightful exposition of the adherence of most – but not quite all – branches of the Hay kindred to the Jacobite cause, following the Glorious Revolution of 1688 […]

350th Anniversary Lectures from the Lord Lyon Society

The Court of the Lord Lyon is celebrating the 350th anniversary of the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland this year.  The Public Register was established in 1672 by Act of Parliament and has been maintained up to the present day by the Lord Lyon and the officers of his court. The […]

First lecture of 2022 with Burgess Hay

There is still time to book for the Clan Hay Society’s first lecture of the 2022 season.  On Saturday 19 February, at 7.00 pm UK time via Zoom, Burgess Hay will speak on the theme We were aye Jacobites, looking at the wider Hay kindred’s general support for the Jacobite movement through the 18th century, […]

Succession to Chiefship: A note from the Lord Lyon

Dr Joseph Morrow CBE, QC, FRSE, the Rt. Hon. The Lord Lyon King of Arms, has issued the following guidance on matters of succession to the chiefship of a clan, including the history of clans and how the succession of chiefs has evolved, how chiefs are recognised, and the process for identifying a new chief […]

Clan Hay lecture series to resume from February

The Clan Hay Society’s popular lecture series, launched in 2021 via Zoom, will resume from next month. The Spring series has already been finalised and will begin on 19 February at 7.00 pm UK time, when we will hear from Burgess Hay.  Regular participants will recall we heard from him last year when Burgess, who […]