2023 Lecture schedule confirmed

The Clan Hay Society's lecture series for the current year has now been finalised, with the confirmation of three dates following the summer break.

On Saturday 7th October. former Clan Hay Archivist Alan Hay will speak on Castellated Architecture in Scotland.  Scotland was defined by architectural historian Dr W Douglas Simpson as 'the land par excellence of tower houses.'  What was it about Scotland's circumstances that led to this unique form of castle taking such a hold here?  Why did it remain popular so long after its defensive capabilities ceased to be a requirement for defence?  And what leads to it's enduring popularity today, as Scots castles continue to be in heavy demand and to command very high prices on the open market?  In his talk, Alan will focus on Delgatie Castle, Aberdeenshire, as an example of typical tower house architecture.

Megginch Castle

On Saturday 4 November, former Clan Hay treasurer, Pam Rotheroe-Hay, will describe her own family history quest, including a history of the Hays of Megginch, from whom she descends.  Her research has involved several decades' painstaking work, often in sources of which most family historians are entirely unaware.  Her story reveals the rewards of persistence in family history research, which can so often become disheartening as we follow lead after lead that takes us no further forward.  Pam is now revealed, not only as a descendant of the Megginch Hays, but as their senior, male-line descendant.  She has petitioned the Lord Lyon King of Arms for a matriculation of the undifferenced arms of the Hays of Megginch, and that is currently making its way through the complex Lyon Court process.

The last lecture of 2023 will take place on Saturday 18 November, when we hear from our Belgian member Fernand Dacquin, Keeper of the Quaich, on the subject of whisky.  Fernand is not only a connoisseur of the dram, but one of the world's leading experts on whisky.

The 2023 series commences on 4 December 2023 when we hear from the Very Rev Dr Emsley Nimmo on A Jig through Scotland's Ecclesiastical History.