Christmas in Colorado

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Larry and Barbara Hay had their annual Clan Hay Christmas party again this year and as always it was quite a party! Everyone seemed to be having a good time. There was a lot of good food, drinks and the house rang with laughter, most of it coming from the area that Larry was in.  We got reacquainted with some of the guests that we don’t see very often, and enjoyed visiting with the ones that are good friends.  There was a lot of conversation about the past years events, involving both Clan Hay and the world at large.  Larry and Barb’s three children attended this year. Gantt and Lindsey are both out of College and working in Denver and Jackie is attending a local College. It was great fun having the three of them there.

      There was quite a nice turn out this year with a number of small ones. We had two babies and 5 bigger girls. Our new assistant Convener Travis Senter and his wife Crystal were there with their three daughters. Larry’s Nephew was also there with his two small girls.      

      Some of the people drove quite a distance to be there, and I am sorry I didn’t get a list of all of the names this year. They were a wonderful group and it is so nice to have the wee ones join us. Everyone departed with the knowledge that Larry and Barbara sure know how to host a party.