Clan Hay at Tartan on the Green

Tuesday 6 August saw a new event in the square of the Aberdeenshire village of Ballater.

Organised by Pam Rotheroe-Hay and the Clan Hay Society, Tartan on the Green was funded by Visit Scotland's fund for clan society events, designed to engage clan societies with the communities where these families are based.

Taking place during the week following the main Clan Hay gathering at the Aboyne Games, the event was attended by Hays from Scotland and throughout the world, visited by many of the local Ballater community and tourists holidaying on Deeside.  As well as Clan Hay, exhibitors included Clans Farquharson and MacRae, the Royal Lochnagar distillery, the Royal Celtic Society and an impressive photographic exhibition of  Ballater past and present, mounted by the village's local heritage group.  A highlight of the day was the march-past of a company of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, led by their pipe band, returning to their Ballater barracks from guarding Her Majesty the Queen at nearby Balmoral Castle.

The Visit Scotland Clans and Historical Figures Events Fund was established by the Scottish Government to support the development of events in Scotland to celebrate clans, recognised families and historical figures using their stories and legacy to bring communities together.

A wide range of activities for adults and children was on offer, which resulted in a healthy donation to the Ballater Victoria Week charity.