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4 November 2023    
19:00 - 20:00

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Online Lecture: former Clan Hay treasurer, Pam Rotheroe-Hay, will describe her own family history quest, including a history of the Hays of Megginch, from whom she descends.  Her research has involved several decades’ painstaking work, often in sources of which most family historians are entirely unaware.  Her story reveals the rewards of persistence in family history research, which can so often become disheartening as we follow lead after lead that takes us no further forward.  Pam is now revealed, not only as a descendant of the Megginch Hays, but as their senior, male-line descendant.  She has petitioned the Lord Lyon King of Arms for a matriculation of the undifferenced arms of the Hays of Megginch, and that is currently making its way through the complex Lyon Court process.