Generous support from Canada for the Clan Hay Pipe Band

The Clan Hay Pipe Band is grateful for the generous donation towards its funding - for the second consecutive year - from our Canadian member Beverly  Getzlaf.

Beverly describes herself as a "newcomer" to the clan, although she in fact joined 15 years ago, her interest sparked while exploring the life of her grandfather, James Hay Soutar.  He was born in 1892 in the parish of Keir in Dumfries-shire, whence he departed for Canada as a young man.

Beverly says: "As part of this search of my family history I spent time exploring the website of the Clan Hay Society, including the site of the Clan Hay Pipe Band.  I was intrigued to learn that Clan Hay is one of a select few clans that has its own pipe band.  I have no background in piping but who among us can listen to the pipes without feeling a stirring in the soul?  When I learned of the costs of uniforms and instruments, I decided that one way I could be involved with my clan was to make a donation each year to the Clan Hay Pipe Band.

"I have not been to Scotland but a trip to attend a Clan Hay gathering is on my wish list.  I will be delighted to enjoy a live performance of the Clan Hay Pipe Band in the company of fellow members of the clan,  knowing that I contributed in a small way to the ongoing success of the band."

Beverly is a generous donor; we are grateful to her and look forward to welcoming her in Scotland.