New Treasurer for Clan Hay Society

New treasurer Pam Rotheroe-Hay and sons at Aboyne

The Clan Hay Society has a new treasurer in Pam Rotheroe-Hay, who takes up the reins today, 1st January 2011.  Pam is a well known and well liked member of the Clan Hay who many members will recall meeting at successive gatherings in Edinburgh and at the Aboyne Games.

In taking on this challenging post she succeeds Josie Hay Bailey who has done the job with unwavering efficiency and committment for the last 16 years.  We are enormously grateful to Josie for her many years of hard work, and for the guidance she will continue to provide for Pam as she settles into her new role.

By way of introduction, Pam writes, "Born in Liverpool in the 1950s, I was told by my father, Leslie Hay, that our family was descended from Clan Hay. This information had been passed down for generations but in those days, without the benefit of the internet and ease of travel which we enjoy today, it was impossible for him to trace our ancestors.

Over the years my determination to prove the link drove me to join the ranks of the family history army. My research has uncovered people and their lives which I could never have dreamt of but, most importantly, it has introduced me to the Clan Hay Society.

Although I joined the society 6 years ago, it was only three years ago that I first had the opportunity to go to the clan gathering at Aboyne and to visit the marvellous Delgatie Castle. Since then I have come to think of the clan as family and look forward to our annual get together.

As a maths teacher I was delighted to be asked to take on the role of treasurer of the Clan Hay Society. I know that Josie has done an outstanding job as treasurer for many years and I am grateful to her for her advice and support."

We thank her for agreeing to take this on, and wish her well in her new post.