Scottish Radio in South Australia

Back in the summer, we, here in South Australiacelebrated our 25th anniversary of broadcasting to our fellow Scots in Adelaide, writes South Australia Convenor, Jim Hay.  The intro music for this programme is by Tom Hye, A Hay A Hay from Delgatie Castle.

The first Chief of the Caledonia Society for South Australia was Alexander Hay who became a very wealthy landowner.  The clans here are very active and I arrange each year that a representative from each appears on the radio show to talk about what his or her clan is doing.

Our Scottish programme is aired every Tuesday between 12.30 and 1.30 on 103.1 FM.  We have five presenters, all Scottish, and they each have their own programme once a month.  We have over 130 paid members and sponsors to help with the cost of running such a hands on operation.  This programme is followed each week with an Irish Hour, so there is lots of Celtic  music.

Other events where we participate include the July Tartan Week, clan dinners, the Robert Burns Society and a service at the Scottish church on St Andrew's Day.  Our main outdoor event next year will be the Mount Barker Caledonia Society's 50th highland gathering, which takes place on 20th February 2011.