Bannockburn Anniversary Celebrations Take Shape

The gateway to the great royal fortress of Stirling Castle

Plans are now finalised for the celebration of the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn in Stirling next June.  As is appropriate for a clan that played a significant role in the iconic engagement, Clan Hay will be taking full part.  The Clan Hay Society will announce the detail of its participation in January 2014, but we can confirm that there will be a Clan Hay hospitality tent at the event where Hays from all over the world will be welcomed.

The battle was fought over two days - the 23rd and 24th June - and a major event with the title Bannockburn Live will be held the following weekend, with an exciting programme of activities and exhibitions on 28th, 29th and 30th June 2014.

There has been some adverse comment in the Scottish press over the announcement in August that Armed Forces Day, an annual celebration of the United Kingdom's army, navy and air force, is scheduled to take place in Stirling on Saturday June 28th.  Questions have been raised over whether Stirling possesses the infrastructure to host two events on this scale simultaneously.  Hays who may have heard of this should not be discouraged.  This has been carefully thought through and all the agencies involved - including Stirling Council, Police Scotland, the National Trust for Scotland, Visit Scotland and the Scottish Executive - are working in harness to ensure an unforgettable experience for the large numbers these events will attract.

The face of Robert the Bruce depicted on his monument at Bannockburn

Stirling has been accustomed to hosting large numbers of visitors ever since its days as the seat of Scotland's curia regis in medieval times and we are confident it remains equal to the challenge.  Bannockburn Live will be focused on the Bannockburn Visitor Centre on the site of the battle, newly refurbished for the occasion and introducing 3D technology so that visitors can experience the reality of medieval combat like never before.

The famous statue of Bannockburn victor King Robert the Bruce has been restored and a new poem by Kathleen Jamie, commissioned for the occasion, inscribed on the ring beam that crowns the king's monument.  There will be three re-enactments of the battle on each of the three days and the event will include festivals of Scotland's history, literature, music, food and drink.

Enquiries should be made to Pam Rotheroe-Hay on, or keep an eye on the '2014 Programme' tab on this website, which will provide regular updates of Clan Hay activites as they are finalised.