Clan Hay Commemorates the Battle of Flodden

by Angus Hay

Monday 9th September

The Flodden Service,

St. Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh

To commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden and to celebrate 500 years of the Scottish soldier’.

The Chief of Clan Hay among the 43 Clan Chiefs at St Giles Cathedral

Organised by The Standing Council of Chiefs, together with selected charities.

The Service, held in the morning, was well attended with over 370 people, with many Chiefs and Heads of Families present.

The Chief of the Hays, the Earl of Erroll, was present, together with the Countess of Erroll, and their son, Harry, Lord Hay.

Also attending were: Alexander and Mrs Hay of Duns and their daughter and son-in-law, Mr and Mrs Charles Graham-Campbell; Malcolm and Mrs Hay of Seaton; Angus Hay.

The Service was splendid…………with a fine singing of The Flowers of the Forest, and an interesting and brief description of the Battle of Flodden.

The Service was followed by a Reception at the Signet Library.

The Flodden Dinner, Duns Castle, Berwickshire

The Dinner, in Black Tie and Tartan, was held in the evening at Duns Castle, by the generous invitation of Alexander and Mrs Hay of Duns.

The 50 guests invited were those who descended from the Scottish leaders of families and clans who had fought at Flodden.  Again, our Chief, the Earl of Erroll, his Countess and their son Harry, Lord Hay were present along with his brother Peregrine Moncrieffe of that Ilk and his family.

The evening commenced with a Reception, followed by a Lecture by Angus Hay - THE BATTLE OF FLODDEN.

The participation of the Hays in the battle was mentioned, together with the numbers of them killed.

The Dinner was attended by the Duke of Norfolk, (the direct descendant of the victorious commander of the English army), and the Duke of Hamilton – both of whom gave entertaining and pertinent speeches at the end of the Dinner.

Tuesday 10th September

Requiem Mass,

St. Cuthbert’s Church, Norham, Northumberland

The Mass was held in the morning in the beautiful parish church.

It was also well attended, with a strong representation of Scots, appropriately dressed in tartan.

The Lessons were read by the Duke of Norfolk and Angus Hay.

Solemn Commemoration of the Battle of Flodden

Branxton, Northumberland

An Ecumenical service was held, in the afternoon, in a marquee outside the village of Branxton, and adjacent to a part of the battlefield itself.

The Service started with the banners and standards of the towns and villages along the Border being presented – followed by a Colour Party from the Coldstream Guards presenting the Union Flag.

Speeches were given, including one from Lady Steel who provided an overview of the Battle of Flodden.

There was a variety of prayers and songs given by the Clerics from the different denominations, as well as by local choir groups.

There was a large turnout in attendance of over 200 people……..and the Hays were again well represented.