Lords of Yester



Lords of Yester by Charles Nettlefold.

Lords of Yester by Charles Nettlefold.















Sales of Lords of Yester by Charles Nettlefold have been excellent prompting the publishers to produce a re-print. The book explores 1000 years of the history of the Hays of Yester.


This is a meticulously researched and elegantly written academic look in to the history of Scotland using an important East Lothian estate as the lynchpin of the narrative. Encompassing the 10th to 20th Centuries, this work discusses and analyses the fortunes and tribulations of Scottish nobles in fascinating detail. I learnt a huge amount from it and found it incredibly useful to have all this information collated in one tome. Highly recommended for those with an interest in Scottish history.


This is a well researched book which tells the fascinating story of two families' role in the history of Scotland over 1000 years. It also provides a comprehensive analysis of the growth and ultimate decay of a great estate centred upon the beautiful Yester House.

Copies of the book are available through Clan Hay priced at just £15 (See the merchandise page).

Charles generously donates £5 to Clan Hay from each book sold in this way.